Time + Attendance Systems

We’re working to help employers evolve and change the way they manage one of their most valuable assets – employee time.

Let’s face it, without watching employees every minute of every day, there’s no way to be sure of the exact amount of time being worked (and paid). While we believe that most employees are trustworthy, it’s a well-established fact that improving the accuracy of employee timekeeping improves employers’ profits. That’s why modern businesses use time and attendance systems. We recommend these systems to nearly every client.

We can help you implement a simple time and attendance solution that requires employees to accurately record their time without undue inconvenience. Our systems are affordable, and fully integrated with your payroll to help streamline your processes. Whether you need basic web-based timekeeping or advanced features like mobile time applications and GPS-enabled punches, we can help.

Time Clock Products


FlexClock is a feature-rich timekeeping solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies through a series of practical timekeeping devices.


TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful labor management and cost control tools.